Discover yourself during your exploring “Cool Japan” & Inspire your inner self visiting “Spiritual Spot”

クール・ジャパンで自分発見を! そして、スピリチュアルスポットでは、内なる自分の閃きを!

Innovative Research >>> click_maru_


1. KEK  The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (高エネルギー加速器研究機構)                             

2. RIKEN Science comprehensive research institution    理研 (理化学研究所)     

3. CYBERDYNE  Healthcare & Medical Robot            サイバーダイン(ヘルスケア・医療ロボット)

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CERN  欧州原子核研究機構

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LHC cern 1
LHC (Large Hadron Collider) 大型ハドロン衝突加速器

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shiva cern 1
Dancing Shiva (Hindu’s Deiti) at CERN Head Office

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Innovative Culture


3D Origami

Create 3D Science Origami from the Traditional.

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Discover historic Japan

                    Hokusai Museum  北斎美術館


The Sumida Hokusai Museum is located in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo about a 5-10 minute walk from Ryogoku Station on the JR Sobu Line and Oedo Subway Line. Hokusai was born and spent most of his life In this Sumida Ward.

北斎美術館は、東京両国にあり、JR総武線、および地下鉄大江戸線の両国駅から徒歩5分~10分ほどです。 北斎はこの墨田区で生まれ、生涯のほとんどをこの地で過ごしました。


Hokusai museum is dedicated to the ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai, commonly referred to as Hokusai and included his most well-known works “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.”



beer_tasting S

Beer Brewery visit & Tasting >>> click_maru_

・Suntory factory tour & tasting Suntory offers free tours of their brewery ( All for free )                       サントリービール工場 見学ツアー (無料)


Sake tasting vendor machine

・Vendor machine is at the corner of shop ” Tokyo Shoten” on the street of ”Edo NOREN” in adjacent area of JR Ryogoku Station.Sake tasting is for 30 various brands.

Junmai ( left side)Ginjyo (middle) Daiginjyo (right)Also side-dish for relish with sake is available.

・JR両国駅の隣にある「 江戸NOREN」内の、ショップ「東京商店」のベンダーマシンで、30種類の酒の利き酒ができます。お通し3種もあります。


Quake-proof Prefab House Factory visiting (SEKISUI)

・Observing at the production-line of prefab houses, from steel frame processing to quality inspection, you could confirm the all process flow.Read-more-2



Spiritual Spots in Tokyo      For the details >>> click each photo

Temples & Shrines

misogi-shrine f

Misogi shrine 身曾岐神社 >>> Read-more-2

Shinto Ritual-bonfire 火祥神事 

Discipline of Shintoism : 1 overnight 2 days course          神道修行体験:1泊2日コース体験   >>>click_maru_