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Spiritual Spot 4

  • 2023年2月14日
  • 2023年3月24日
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4. Kiyomasa’s Well

Kiyomasa’s Well was constructed by KATO Kiyomasa traditionally perceived but not confirmed the certainty. Ensured is this area was KATO family’s territory and Tadahiro, Kiyomasa’s son lived.

kiyomasa well

Kiyomasa is well known feudal warlord and mastery at fortification, so skillful as civil engineer that he was titled as “Lord of construction”. Judging from these facts, possibility of the legend remains correctly.

This well is unique and ingenious way of sinking method and pure water gushing out in a steady flow all year round. The peculiar of this well must be Yoko-ido by horizontally digging method, therefore Kiyomasa could be the engineer who produced this well. Recently this well’s architecture was verified as Yoko-ido. (Normally well is digging vertically)

Premise of Power Spot


The Kiyomasa’s Well is realized on the Dragon Stream ( Energy stream of under ground ) from Mt. Fuji to Imperial Palace and at the hole of out gushing energy called Dragon Hole, people believe the well as power spot for getting magic power of Feng Shui, became so famous that people visit to take a photo of the clear water in the well and set it as phone’s lock screen and background.

kiyomasa well