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3. Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu)

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Meiji Shrine was established in 1920, to dedicate to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken who took the initiative to make a foundation of modernized Japan and loved by broad public.

There are hidden spiritual spots in the precinct of Meiji Shrine venerated to have highest number of visiting people as their first shrine visit of the year. >>>Meiji Shrine


Despite of the location in the middle of the megacity, Tokyo, this shrine is surrounded with vast land of the forest.


After you go through the big Torii Gate from Harajuku, the first Power spot is the corner on the approach to Main Shrine where you could hardly recognize the bending at 88 degree specifically designed rather than 90 degree, owing to the belief of lucky number 8 shape in Kanji (八 is spreading the bottom).


There is a pair of Divine Trees as called Meoto-Kusu representing good relations of wife and husband.

Precinct Map of Meiji Shrine Access: From JR Harajuku station 2min. by walking and more ,,, 

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On the doors of Minami (South) Shin-mon (Sacred-gate) following to the Main Shrine, you could notice the clasp figurate of 4 heart shapes. This mark is called “I-no-me” or eye of wild boar, design from the boar’s eye As well known as the boar’s dashing forward so swiftly to escape from wild fire, from this belief this symbol is protection against Fire.

Other mysterious power designed

On the Winter Solstice, the morning sun beam irradiat18es the street of Omote-sando forwarding to align with Meiji Shrine. This sort of celestial phenomena have been seen mostly at Archaeological or Astronomical ruins. Winter solstice is related to the concept for rebirth.

One of the most famous phenomena irradiating on the Winter solstice morning is at New Grange in Ireland aligned into the chamber.


Meiji Shrine is located in Shibuya Ward, central area of Tokyo, however you could feel the great nature as the deep forest.

The sacred forest surrounding the Main Shrine used to be a wild land where more than two hundred diverse trees were planted by 110,000 or more volunteers of young people.

This manmade forest was based on the “Sustainability” aspiring eternal forest with no human intervention, nothing is added or taken away, but still the plants and trees sustain by themselves more over 100 years passed now. Only thing is to rake fallen leaves to return to forest which could count on the fallen leaves for nutrition.

meiji shrine 2