• Under the contract of the Arranged-Travel, the Company assumes on consignment of the client and by acting as proxy, intermediary, agency or otherwise on behalf of the client, arrangements in order to be provided transportation, lodging and other travel-related services offered by carriers, hotels and other service providers.
  • The contract and conditions of the Travel Contract are governed by the Documents of the terms and conditions for the contracted company Agency-arranged Travel Contract in the Travel Agency Covenant.

Coordination Fee for Local arrangement

Reference Fee of 1 incident as below.
 *1 incident defined: Same requirements (e.g. item, place, contents up to 3 times) are counted as 1 incident.

1.Booking accommodations1 inci. \4,000-
2.Transportation service arrangement1 inci. \4,000-
3.Booking Local tours & arrangement1 inci. \4,000-
4.Research/planning1 inci. \10,000- ~
5.Arrangement Interpreter, Guide1 inci. \10,000- ~
  • Regarding 1.2.3.- Directly charged actual costs to your Credit card. We have to ask your card details.
  • Regarding 4.& 5.- We inform how to settle the cost (e.g. Voucher issue) at the phase of quotation.
  • Regarding the Payment with 1.2.3.(booking & arrangement fee) and 4.5. ,
    please confirm our Invoice to remit designated Bank.