About Us

  • Eternal Peers is your reliable partner since we are proud of high quality & complete service defined with long carrer.
  • Meticulous planning by our own bootstraps to research local situation.
    We are strict on exclusive program with customer's specific order.
  • Company name:Eternal Peers Inc.
  • President:Juichi TANAKA
  • e-mail: tanaka@eternalpeers.jp
  • Customers:Shueisha, Hakuhodo, Asahi Beer,
    Clear Sight, McCann Erickson
    Total Beauty Association etc.

Record & History

Up to 1995

  • BELGIUM:12 days Inspection for study group researching Medieval
  • Europe (with Flemish industries, early technology sites,communities etc.)
  • BELGIUM:1 month intensive bilingual program (English & French)to stay at Chataeu.
  • BELGIUM:10 days for Experience Thalasso therapy、Osteopathy.
  • IRELAND:2 weeks Study English & Horse riding.
  • IRELAND:10 days Inspection to visit clinics of Homeopathy, Biodynamics.
  • UK:3 weeks stay to study cooking over from the basics.

Up to 2010

  • FRANCE:7 days for tracing locales of "In Search of Lost Time" (" A la recherche du temps perdu") by Marcel Proust to visit Illier-Combray & Paris.
  • IRELAND:6 days attending " Bloom's Day" held in Dublin in commemoration of translation "Ulysses" by James Joyce into     Japanese completely.
  • IRELAND:7 days for tracing locales of W.B. Yeats to visit Sligo, Galway and Dublin.
  • IRELAND:Stay at Aran Islands to learn Celtic Culture & Ledgends in the Landscape.
  • IRELAND:20 days for intensive English Study & Home-stay.
  • IRELAND:2 Weeks Farm-stay for Farm work & Horse riding.
  • SCANDINAVIA:7 days for Stay at Petit-Hotel of Fjord & Spiritual Healing Experience of Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy etc.  
  • IRELAND:10 days Soaking up Irish Music & Dance to visit Enya's Home in Donegal and Aran Islands.       
  • IRELAND:Inspection of Nursery school outside Dublin.
  • BELGIUM & NETHERLAND : 7 days visit Diamond Trade Exchange.
  • FRANCE : 2 weeks Farm-stay at Romagny, France & visit Celtic ruins in Bretagne  
  • FRANCE:10 days Apartment-stay in the heart of Paris.
  • UK:10 days for tracing locales of Torquay. Hrrogate of Agatha Christie & Shrewsbury of " Father Brown " by Chesterton.

Up to 2016

  • BELGIUM:12 days Inspection to visit Brewaries not only major but also micro brewaries such as monastery .
  • UK:10 days visit Celtic ruins, Tintagel of King Arther's legend etc.
  • UK:7 days visit Findhorn, spiritual center & isle of Skye.
  • ITALY:10 days tracing Art of Mosaic & Fresco of Giotto
  • ITALY:Agrituourismo. Farm-stay outside Florence where the Laudemio is produced. 
  • IRELAND:8 days visit the Gaeltacht, Donegal,home of Irish music and Aran Islands.
  • GERMANY & CZECH:9 days visit Berlin, Dresden & Prague and Cesky Klumlov
  • ITALY & SLOVENIA : 8 days visit the lagoon city of Venice & Dragon legend of Ljublijana (ancient city in " Historian").
  • IRELAND:10 days stay at B&B of Aran Islands & Home-stay at outside Dublin.
  • IRELAND:10 days spiritual tracing the megalithic Achaeo-astronamical ruins aligned along the ley line.
  • Ritual and power spots guide were given by Celtic monk at Aran Islands.
  • AUSTRIA & HUNGARY:8 days visit Vienna for opera & Budapest with Danube Bent sightseeing.
  • AUSTRIA:8days Soaking up Music and Art in Vienna & Salzburg.
    Locales related to Mozart, Beethoven and also the Melk Abbey, origin of "The name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco (passed away in 2016).
  • ITALY: 8 Days visiting Medieval cities.
    Medieval cities ( Mantua, Padua) & Open Air Opera at Verona.